IIMS for Global Cancer Early Detection (GCED) consortium release 2.0 provides functions of subject data collections for the trials, and is a disease-based integrated solution to cover general requirements for global cancer early detection projects.

This release provides data capture functions across the project workflow end-to-end. In this release, IIMS is for projects of LCED, THCCC and CPDPC.


What’s New in this Release


1. Online Subject Registration

  •   Moved the order of the consent page precedes the demographic page to closely follow the regulatory workflow.
  •   Revised instructions and warning messages for clarity and brevity.
  •   Added the cohort selection for trials requiring cohort assignment.


2. Specimen Manager

  •   Specimen collection page added for workflows where specimens are shipped prior to processing.
  •   Kit ID (KID) is displayed on the sample shipping and receiving pages.


Who’s Affected


Site users who participate in the project and perform subject registrations and specimen sample management need to be aware of these changes.


Support Contact


1.  For questions of data entry, event page validation, completion and other clinical related subjects, please contact



2.  For questions of user account creation, user role assignment and computer-based training

      material, please contact aimdms@mdanderson.org.



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